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In accident situations, your best defense consists of a lawyer supported by an expert.
The vast majority of times the value of a cause related to a maritime accident is well above BRL1.000.000,00; which would entail a cost with Expert Technical Assistance from BRL$ 20.000,00 (2%). As an example, in the case of the accident with NM HAIDAR whose cause value [3] was BRL$ 71.412.644,00; which would entail a cost greater than BRL$ 1.400.000,00; it is not am insurance, it is safe.
We also provide Administrative Technical Assistance to the Maritime Tribunal.
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CONMARTEC is the pioneer company to provide expert technical assistance service, in the area of navigation, for vessel owners, shipowners, waterways (seafarers, rivermen and fishermen) and amateurs, in order to contribute to the broad defense and contradictory, principles constitutional requirements.
In cases of accidents, reducing damage is essential, and that is what we do!
What is the market price of Expert Technical Assistance?
    PERCENTAGE                                   CAUSE AMOUNT OF                         COST OF ASSISTANCE

                                                                                                                        EXPERTISE TECHNIQUE


      Up to 1 million                                              1.2 to 2%                                   BRL$ 12,000 - $20,000

Above BRL$ 1 million                                            2%                                            From BRL$ 20,000

Ask us about our plans and prices!

Don't be fooled: not every technician is an expert! Our scientific areas are led by doctors

Brazilian law provides for the activity of "Technical Expert Assistance", as established in Art. 465 of Law nº. 13.105/2015 (CPC) , which allows the parties of the process to participate in the expert examination, prepare questions and contest the expert evidence prepared by the Public Power.
The Technical Assistant is an expert who works in collaboration with the party's lawyer and aims to ensure that there is no expert error that could harm the party, as well as assisting in the formulation of questions and identifying and aspects favorable to the contractor, and may contest the expert report ( LP) and submit your own Technical Opinion.
Except for rare exceptions, a lawyer is unable to identify flaws in the forensics and, for this reason, he does not contest it, even if he did, the judicial system tends to lean towards the expert's position, given his technical knowledge. Thus, only another professional with the same expertise has the capacity to make himself heard and contribute to the Judge's free conviction.
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