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CSN is a process for managing the safe operation of ships to prevent accidents and to prevent pollution. Therefore, it is not limited to the operation of the ship itself, but involves the management of the company.

The certification is guided by the International Code for the Management of Safe Operation of Ships and for the Prevention of Pollution (ISM Code) and by ISO 31000 - Risk Management (Risk Manangement).
Compliance with both standards results in the implementation of the Navigation Safety Management System (SGSN), which is broader than the SMS itself.
Navigator on the bridge of a large bulk
passenger wooden boat in tourist busines

Certified vessel.

Safe Navigation!

The Security Management System ensures:
  • compliance with mandatory rules and regulations; and
  • that applicable, recommended codes, guidelines and standards are taken into account.
The objectives of Security Management by shipping companies are:
  • provide safe practices in the operation of the ship and a safe work environment;
  • assess all risks identified for its ships, personnel and environment and establish adequate guarantees; and
  • continually improve skills in the safety management of personnel on land and on board ships, including emergency preparedness related to both safety and environmental protection.
Safety orange vest. Front view. Isolated
Front tanker ship moored alongside in sh
The implementation of the Navigation Safety Management System results in the granting of a "Navigation Safety Management Certificate", when the company complies with current legislation and standards. The ultimate in security!
When a company, which does not adopt an SGSN, is submitted to a Navigation Security Compliance Audit and is approved, it receives a "Navigation Security Compliance Document". The minimum in terms of security.
This service is intended only for shipping companies that have vessels that are not subject to the SOLAS Convention.
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(Non-SOLAS vessels)

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