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Mostre ao mundo que está pronto para o mercado de trabalho!

The global economic crisis resulting from the pandemic has resulted in job losses and the vacancies that arise are contested in a fierce way.
On the other hand, we know that obtaining a certificate by taking a course does not guarantee effective proficiency for the exercise of the function. An external audit of the training or certification of the professional is necessary to be able to know and order the degree of proficiency of each one. TCPA plays this role of "external audit" of certification, similar to the OAB exam and language certification tests.
It is important for the professional, not only to be trained, but to know their degree of training in relation to other professionals, with whom they compete in the job market, or a common reference level. The TCPA is this common reference that serves to guide the professional on how much to improve.
The certification of the quality of the maritime vocational education (EPM) process, according to the ISO 9001 standard, does not guarantee the quality of the product generated - the waterway professional - is at the level of the international market, in order to compete on equal terms, at least .
Although not taking the test does not restrict professional activity, as in the examination of the Order of Brazilian Lawyers (OBL), its performance can open doors in the labor market, of course, if the professional demonstrates the appropriate level of knowledge.
This also imposes, on the waterway professional, a differential to obtain success in the selection processes. The SPCT is the opportunity that was missing for you to show your differential!
CONMARTEC idealized the proficiency certification test, similar to the established language proficiency processes., In order to provide that necessary differential when selecting processes.
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Stay at the top of the pyramid and open the doors of the job market for you!

Certification is obtained by conducting an extensive and rigorous examination of knowledge called the "Watercraft Proficiency Certification Test (TCPA), covering areas of general and specific professional knowledge (for each category of waterway).
Get ready, take your test, get a high degree and open the doors to the international waterway job market. This will distinguish you from professionals who, although they have STCW certifications, do not have this additional certification.
There are no limits on attempts and are valid for 5 years, with the interested parties being able to repeat as many times as they wish to improve their SCORE. The certificates are issued in English for professionals of the 1st Group (Maritime) and in Portuguese for other professionals, who may request the issue in English, if they so wish.
Leave the technical-professional assessment to us. It is enough to demand the result of the TCPA in the selection process and to be concerned only with other profile aspects required by the company.
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