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2) Which companies are certified for safety?

Companies that have vessels that are not subject to the SOLAS Convention, such as passenger transportation in national navigation.

4) Why do an investigation of maritime accidents independent of the State?

The primary purpose of investigating accident safety, under the bias of safety, is to identify the causes and take measures to prevent their recurrence. The security investigation, unlike the investigation of the Public Power, for not having the objective of pointing out those responsible, receives greater collaboration from those involved to find the root cause. This makes its conclusion faster and, with that, the adoption of corrective measures can be carried out in a much shorter period, avoiding new similar accidents. Still, the independent investigation allows the elaboration of expert evidence to challenge administrative or judicial decisions, which makes it possible to annul or significantly reduce the consequences of these processes (technical expert assistance).

6) What does it take to be a judicial expert in RJ?

In addition to having a college degree in the area of ​​expertise, you must have a course of judicial expert with a minimum duration of 20 hours.

8) What is nautical or navigation expertise?

It is the one that aims to determine the correction or not of the navigator's conduct, in the light of the naval or nautical sciences.

1) Why certify safety ("non-SOLAS" vessels)?

a) To avoid accidents and all material and indemnity damages arising therefrom.

b) Because safety standards are not enough.

c) Because security involves adopting a security mentality.


d) To be used in your defense against the imponderable.

e) To add value to your business, as a marketing tool.

f) Because you cannot have quality without security. If quality must be certified, safety is even more important.

g) It avoids damages in fines, material damages and indemnities.


h) If you are still not convinced, put yourself in the place of those who faced accidents with loss of life, property and damage to the environment,

Alto falante

3) What is the importance of a training program?

In order not to let the rules and procedures obtained during the training deteriorate, introducing operational risks that can cause accidents. CONMARTEC has qualified professionals to keep its crew trained, optimizing performance with maximum safety.

5) Who can be an expert?

Anyone who has a higher education in the area of ​​expertise

7) Can a practical navigator be a judicial expert?

Only those trained in nautical or naval sciences. Practical knowledge does not allow the activity of navigating, only providing information to guide navigation, complementing the technical knowledge of the browser with the knowledge of the characteristics of the environment.

9) Why is it not possible to implement a security management system in a company without working on the culture?

The introduction of the security system is a first step, but without implementing the teams' commitment to the system, security is not effective. Therefore, implementing security involves making behavioral changes to get everyone engaged. As Peter Drucker said, " Culture devours strategy for breakfast ."

10) What is the advantage of certification of navigation safety?

Avoid losses resulting from accidents, meet insurance requirements or obtain better insurance conditions.

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