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Filipino deck Officer on deck of vessel


Safety crew, expert report to support proposal for CTS review, training and certification of waterways, etc.

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Pôr do sol e ponte


Works, research and mining of minerals under, over and on the margins of the Waters under Brazilian Jurisdiction with regard to the ordering of the waterway space and the safety of navigation d more. Consult us!

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Navio de carga no porto

Operational parameters of the port

Operational parameters of the port and operation with dynamic clearance and Systems Operation to determine Dynamic Clearance below the keel.

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Balsa na água

Regularization of Vessels


Construction, alteration, reclassification, regularization, registration and registration of vessels; security management, security material; traffic regulations, passenger transport and navigation navigation and more.


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Vessel engaged in dredging at sunset tim

Dredging and hydrographic surveys

Procedures for dredging operation on waterways. Process of obtaining authorization, with project analysis with regard to navigation safety and waterway traffic ordering, with the inclusion of risk analysis regarding the approval of the project by the Maritime Authority.

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Foto aérea de uma Marina

Marinas, Nautical Clubs and Amateurs

Procedures for marinas, clubs, nautical sports entities and amateurs, registration, registration and licensing; navigation and safety standards and material for vessels,

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Aerial drone photo of tow boat cruising

Assistance and Rescue


Procedures for providing vessel assistance and rescue services.

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Naufrágio no mar

Submerged Goods


Conducting research, removal, demolition or exploitation of owned goods and underwater tourism in archaeological sites incorporated into the domain of the Union.

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Underwater Activities


Qualification process and registration of divers; employment by companies registered by the Brazilian Maritime Authority (AMB) as professional diving service providers and their training by entities accredited by AMB to teach professional diving courses.

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Foreign Vessels in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters


Procedures for operations of foreign vessels in AJB.

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navio de cruzeiro na ilha

Traffic and Stay in Brazilian Jurisdictional Waters (BJW)


Procedures for traffic in BJW.

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Offshore vessel aerial photo at South At

Vessel and Marine Platform Helidecks


Registration of vessel helidecks and offshore platforms.

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Lendo um livro

Vessels Employed in Inland Navigation and Open Sea


Requirements for vessels to be used for inland navigation and open sea.

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dangerous goods symbol on metal containe

Dangerous Loads


Requirements for the transport of dangerous goods, IMDG code.

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Aerial view of a Vietnamese luxury boat

Environmental Damage by Vessels

Aspects related to the prevention of marine bio-invasion, oil pollution, anti-fouling paints, emissions of polluting gases and GHG.,

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