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1) Request the service
2) We send the Service Agreement and Confidentiality Agreement (optional) for analysis and signature.
3) Return the signed document (s) and the object to be analyzed with the well-specified demand and the guidelines for receiving the invoice / billet.
4) Within 5 working days, we inform the conclusion of the preliminary report and send the invoice / payment slip for payment.
5) Make the payment.

6) After receiving the payment, we send the Preliminary Report.
7) Read the Preliminary Report carefully and schedule the consultancy "on line". To optimize the consultancy session, it is suggested to formally advance any doubts that persist or arise after reading the Preliminary Report.

8) Within 3 working days after the on-line session, we send the Final Report, which will include the clarifications on the issues raised during the consultancy session and those that, by chance, have been forwarded after reading the Preliminary Report (before the session).
9) In order to optimize the session, it is essential that the object to be analyzed and the questions are well specified, as well as the reading of the preliminary report is carried out before the session is scheduled. After the session period, a supplementary invoice is issued.
10) Duration of the session: 50 + 10 minutes (tolerance).
11) Price: R $ 300.00
12) Specific advice only. Project consultancy requires its full analysis; for that, ask for a budget.
13) Warranty period (new questions that arise after the delivery of the Final Report): 30 days, formally (documentary).
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